Hayling Billy 5

The 18th Hayling Billy 5 & Junior Runs

SEAA Measured Trail ARC Road Race ARC 14/160

took place on Wednesday 10th June 2015

2015 Results

Hayling Billy 5 (10th June 2015) results (pdf)

Hayling Billy 5 (10th June 2015) Junior Ages 8 - 10 results (pdf)

Hayling Billy 5 (10th June 2015) Junior Ages 11 - 14 results (pdf)

Race Day Report
A wonderful evening, the largest field ever along with perfect running conditions for the eighteenth Hayling Billy 5

Victory AC members John Gallagher and Peter Harding arrived to prepare the course of the Hayling Billy 5 mile charity race, at 10.00am on the morning of the race.

Our thanks go to, the Countryside ranger Peter Potts and his men, for their help prior to the race, which left the course in almost pristine condition, despite the on and off rain a week earlier.

The proceeds of this year’s race have been given to ‘Cystic Fibrosis Kids’.

Our thanks go to Vanessa and her team from the support group of CFK, who came along to give out the medals to the kids at the end of their runs and the prizes to the winners at the end of the main race.

The only problems we had, was with the mindless idiots that thought it was funny to remove the 1-4 mile and 2-3 mile markers and throw them over the hedge into a farmer’s field. Both were recovered.

The evening started at 6.00pm with the 8 to 10 year olds, mile race, half a mile up and half mile return, of the Hayling Billy trail.

The winner of the boy’s race was Owen Barnes in 6 minutes 28 seconds from NPJS, second in 6m 35s, was Harry Foster Westbourne Primary and third was Joshua Dunne in 6m 49s also from Westbourne Primary.

With the school prize, going to Westbourne Primary school, with Lewis Holman in fifth place.

The girls winner was Harriet Burr in 7.17, with Lucy Brimecome, Westbourne Primary, second in 7m 17s and Rosa-May Sprake, Swanmore Primary third in 8m 14s.

With the school prize going to Westbourne Primary runners Lucy, Carys Ellis 8m 35s, in 8th and Tierney Ellis, 11m 11s in 11th, places.

The second junior run of the evening at 6.20 was the 11-12yrs and 13-14yrs running together in a 2 mile race.

The boys 11-12yrs winners were Liam Dunne in 12m 26s, second Max Edgington 13m 01s of Petersfield School and third Adam Robinson in 13m 07s.

There were no school prize winners.

The boys 13-14yrs winners were Ned Potter, Bishop Luffa in 12.38, Charlie Evans from Park Community in 13m 00s second, with Thomas Hoskinson Springfield third in 13m27.

There were no school prize winners.

The girls 11-12yrs winner was Isabella Brydon, Thorney Island in 14m 28s, second Sophie Brame, Swanmore Primary in 15m.20s with third, Eleanor Martin, Swanmore Primary in 17m 23s.

With the School Prize going to Swanmore Primary runners Sophie, Eleanor and Ella-May Sprake 4th in 17m 50s.

The girl’s 13 - 14yr Winner was Iesha Cowlin, in a time of 18m 06s.

There were no others winners or school prize winner.

All of the runners received a special Hayling Billy Railway Line medal, with the winners in category taking a Gold/Silver/Bronze winners medal and a trophy for the winning teams.

The kid’s runs were well down on previous years, with only 54 children running, in the three, age group Category runs

After a full day preparing the course, the weather had given hope for a pleasant run in the main event of the evening and so it was.

The runners set off up the trail at 7.30. A total entry of 313 very much up on last year producing 297 finishers on the day in the main race.

First home in the main race James Ellis (Chichester) 26m 05s, a close second was Peter Concanna (Chichester) in 26m 10s. With last years winner, James Baker, (Chichester) third, in 26m 27s.

The O/40 men’s prize was won by Richard Berogna (Denmead Striders) first in 30m.38s with Ben Stait (Portsmouth Joggers) a close second in 30m 53s.

The O/50 was taken by, Phil Guest (Portsmouth Joggers) in 31m 10s, second, in 33m 32s, was Ray Gunner (Stubbington Green).

The O/60 men’s was won by Terry Avey (Phoenix AC) for the fourth year running in a time of 34m 55s, with Jim Clow (Victory AC) in second place for the third year in a row in 35m 07s.

The O/70 men’s race was won by Graham Lake (Denmead Striders) in 41m 30s.

The winning lady was Naouele McHugh (Portsmouth Joggers) in 33m 40s in front of second place Michelle Cartwright (Victory AC) in 34m 24s and Jo Gilholm (Victory AC) not far behind third in 34m 47s.

Tina Law (Portsmouth Joggers) took the ladies (Over/40) in 38m 22s, with Sandra Mowat (Unattached) 38m 39s, second for the second year running.

Amanda Peart (Unattached) was the winning lady (Over/50) in 38m 12s with Melanie Hunt (Denmead Striders) second in 39m 21s for the second year running.
The O/60 prize was a close run race, won by Katherine Murrell (Unattached) in41m 18s, with last year’s winner Jenny Shilling (Gosport RR) second in 41m 25s.
The O/70 prize was won again this year by Irene Pollard (Portsmouth Joggers) in 61m 00s.

Within the main race the 16-17yrs boys’ race was won by Robert Weekes (Unattached) in a very quick 29m 37s, second was last years third place winner Oli May (Unattached) in 34m 02s with Tim Russell (Unattached) third in 34m 12s.

The girls 16-17yrs race was won for the second year in a row by Kathryn Simpson (Victory AC) in37m 29s second was Phoebe Meades (Unattached) in 56m 35s third was Morrigan Glendenning (Tone Zone Runners) in 68m 27s...

All of the runners received a Hayling Billy Railway Technical T-Shirt for running and completing the race.

Firstly a big thank you to all of the Victory members and partners who gave up their time on Wednesday as wellas the organising committee (Pete Harding, Kevin McTaggart, Malcolm Hagan, Jo Gilholm, Mary Short, Hamid Alamar, Marilyn Crocker & Suzy Walker), who worked tirelessly prior to the race/runs to ensure it went on OK, on the night.

We had a few hitches. However from Suzy and me, thanks to all of the Victory AC members who helped prepare the tents/water etc before the race and packed them away, afterwards. To the Countryside Ranger, Peter Potts and his team who cleared the trail. Also for the First Aid support to the runners, The First responder, Rosie.

This gives Victory AC the funds, after expenses, to soon be able to present a cheque, to the Cystic Fibrosis Kids Charity in Portsmouth.

John Gallagher, Race Organiser & Suzy Walker, Race Director.