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The 15th Hayling Billy 5 & Junior Races
Took place on Wednesday 13th June 2012

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

To contact us about the Hayling Billy 5 races you can email: hb5@victory.org.uk

To date the 14 races have raised £16.650 for charity

SEAA measured 5 mile race on the Hayling Billy Leisure Trail

This year's races raised money for local charities:
Hayling Island First Responders
and The Blind Club / Open Sight.

Results from 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 races can be found below at the bottom of the page
Please note full results listings are pdf's and require Adobe Reader to view.

5 Miles: Adult Race Results (13th June 2012)

Download the full results here

* 1st: James Baker : Chichester Runners : 25.41
* 2nd: Julian Manning : Denmead Striders : 26.52
* 3rd: Martin Barwood : Chichester Runners : 27.23

* 1st: Laura Allen : Denmead Striders : 33.00
* 2nd: Chris Riddington : Victory AC : 34.11
* 3rd: Jo Gilholm : Victory AC : 34.57

15-17 yrs boys
* 1st: Ian Sloging : 34.13
* 2nd: Harrison Notter : 36.43
* 3rd: Harry Newey : Innovations Fitness : 38.31
Hayling Billy 5 Diamond Jubilee Medal

1 Mile: Age 8 -10 years Run Results
(13th June 2012)

Download the full results here

Age: 8-10 Male
* 1st: Robbie Blake : Bosmere School : 6.22
* 2nd: Jake Price : Bosmere School : 6.37
* 3rd: Max Jones : Mill Rythe School : 6.42

Aged 8-10 Female
* 1st: Lois Parry : Bosmere School : 7.02
* 2nd: Ellie Farrow : Bosmere School : 7.42
* 3rd: Bogan Blake : Mayville School : 7.55

School Teams
M10: 1st: Bosmere School
F10: 1st: Bosmere School

2 Miles: Age 11-14 years Run Results
(13th June 2012)

Download the full results here

Age: 13-14 Male
* 1st: Oli May : Warblington : 12.47
* 2nd: Jake Lynch : Warblington : 13.28

Age: 13-14 Female
* 1st: Katheryn Simpson : Victory AC : 13.35
* 2nd: Hannah Smith : 14.44

Age: 11-12 Male
* 1st: Tim Russell : Warblington : 13.09
* 2nd: Dougal Russell : Warblington : 14.35
* 3rd: Asa Harding : Bosmere School : 16.01

Age: 11-12 Female
* 1st: Lizzie Rose : Churchers College : 14.10
* 2nd: Sharna Capel : Warblington : 15.19
* 3rd: Saxony Anders : City of Portsmouth : Camshill : 16.01

Schools Team
* M12: None
* F12: 1st: Churchers College

* M14: None
* F14: None

2012 race report: John Gallagher

This years race was preceded by the worst wet weather in a few decades, so for the organisers the race day started early in the morning of the 12th of June trying to clear the water off of the track with lakes totally blocking the track in many places.
By the afternoon the showers were back but the drainage channels were doing their job and levels slowly dropped.
The Victory AC members John Gallagher and Peter Harding arrived to prepare the course of the Hayling Billy 5 mile charity race, the weather was overcast but dry.
We once again thank The Countryside Ranger, Peter Potts, and his men for their help during a busy day most of the central fencing has been removed making it easier to cut away the brambles and over hanging branches, the warm and wet weather over the spring period, had made the growth this year exceptional.

The proceeds of this year's race go to 'The Hayling First Responders' and the Hayling Blind Club and our thanks go to Linda Standen, Chairperson of the Blind Club who came along and presented the prizes to the winners.

What a night for young runners as 50 young boys and girls competed in the fun runs, prior to the main race, a little down on last year. Maybe the football on the television had something to do with that.

The evening started at 6 o'clock with the 8 to 10 year olds, mile race, half a mile up and half a mile return, on the Hayling Billy trail.
The winner of the boy's race was Robbie Blake in 6minutes 22seconds with Jake Price second in 6m 37s, both from Bosmere Junior School with third was Max Jones in 6m 42s of Mill Rythe Junior School. With the school prize going to Bosmere school runners Robbie, Jake and Oliver Evans Fifth in 6m 49s.
The girls winner was Lois Parry, Bosmere in 7m 02s, with Ellie Farrow also Bosmere second in 7m 42s and Bogan Blake, of Mayville School third in 7m 55s.
With the school prize going to Bosmere runners Lois, Ellie and Alice Capel in 8m 18s fourth.
The second fun run of the evening at 6.20 was the 11-12yrs and 13-14yrs running together in a 2 mile race.
The boys 11-12yrs winners were Dougal Russell in 14m 35s of Warblington School, second Asa Harding in 16m 01s of Bosmere School and third Nick Heron of Denmead Junior in 16.10. No school winners.
The boys 13-14yrs winners were Oli May first in 12m 47s, with Tim Russell second in 13.09, Jake Lynch was Third in 12m 26s all from Warblington School, the School Prize winners.
The girls 11-12yrs winner was Rose Ellis, in 14m 10s of Churchers College, second Sharna Capel, in 15m 19s with third, Saxony Anders (City of Portsmouth) of Camshill School in 16m 01s. School team winners being Churchers College with Rose, Amelia Gibson 17m 40s and Alysia Gibson 18m 37s.
The girls 13 - 14yr Winner were Katheryn Simpson (Victory AC) , in a time of 13m 35s with Hannah Smith second in 14m 44s. No school winners.
All of the runners received a special Jubilee medal with the winners in category taking a Gold/Silver/Bronze winners medal and a trophy for the winning teams.

After a full day preparing the course, the weather dry and in ideal running conditions, the runners set off up the trail at 7.30. A total entry of 216 produced 209 finishers on the day in the main race (104 runners entered on the day).

First home in the main race was James Baker (Chichester) 25m 41s, second was Julian Manning (Denmead Striders) 26m 52s with Martin Barwood (Chichester) a distance behind in 27m 23s.
The O/40 men’s prize was won by Ross Lamport (Unattached) in 28m 17s with Mark Ferguson (Havant AC) second in 31m 06s.
The O/50 was taken for the fifth year by, Phil Guest (Portsmouth Joggers) in 30m 29s, one second quicker than last year, second, in 31m 48s, was Phil Hoy (Portsmouth Joggers).
The O/60 men’s was won by Terry Avey (Phoenix AC) in a new record time of 32m 05s beating his current record by 7secs, with Don Powell (Basingstoke) in second place in 32m 52s.
The O/70 men’s race was won by Phil Pollard (Portsmouth Joggers) in 39m 44s.
The winning senior lady was Laura Allen (Denmead Striders) in 33m 00s in front of second place Chris Riddington (Victory AC) in 34m 11s and Jo Gilholm (Victory AC) just behind third in 34m 57s.
Kim Nelson (Unattached) took the ladies (Over/40) in 37m 00s, with Karen Williams (Gosport RR) 37m 09s second.
Jane Acton (Unattached) was the winning lady (Over/50) in 36m 31s with Angela Agate (Denmead Striders) second in 36m 48s.
The O/60 prize was won by Lorraine Clode (Unattached) in 46m 31s with Jackie Yarnold (Victory AC) in 48m 29s second, for the second year running.
This year there were no O/70 ladies running.
Within the main race the 16-17yrs boys race was won by Ian Sloging (Unattached) in 34m.13s, second Harrison Notter (Unattached) in 36m 43s with Harry Newey (Innovations Fitness) third in 38m 31s.
The girls 16-17yrs race there were no entries.
All of the runners received a Jubilee Medal for running and completing the race.

Firstly a big thank you to all of the Victory members and partners who gave up their time on Wednesday as well as the committee (Pete Harding & Kevin McTaggart) who worked tirelessly prior to the race/runs to ensure it went on OK on the night.
We had a few hitches, wrong numbers put on, no school name, missing age and a runner down as a female but was a male along with a defective tent (mice damaged).

However from Suzy and I, thanks to all of you and hopefully Victory AC will be able to give a two large cheque to the First Responders and The Blind Club both of Hayling Island at the end.

A Post Script, Twenty four Victory runners performed very well with no less than ten PB’s so congratulations to the following:- Paul Mitchinson, Colin O’Donnell, Simon Turner, Jo Gilholm, Jane Robertson, Gary Heather, Katie Lewis, Helen Clarke, Maria Lush and Christine White.