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Hayling Billy 5 Raises funds for The Rowans Hospice

Five Mile race and Junior runs held on 15th June 2011

Runner line up at the start of the 2011 Hayling Billy 5 Race

5 Miles: Adult Race Results (15th June 2011)

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* 1st: Jo Corbett : Newham & Essex Beagles : 26.45
* 2nd: Daniel Bailey : Victory AC : 26.47
* 3rd: Dave Woods : Denmead Striders : 28.07

* 1st: Alison Shaw : 30.18
* 2nd: Fay Cripps : Chichester : 32.31
* 3rd: Emma Jolley : 32.42

15-17 yrs boys
* 1st: Justin Nevitt Portsmouth Joggers : 29.52
* 2nd: Ed Porter Chichester : 31.52
* 3rd: Jamie Retter : 33.47

1 Mile: Age 8 -10 years Run Results
(15th June 2011)

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Age: 8-10 Male
* 1st: Jack McCluskey: Westbourne Primary:6:30(M10)
* 2nd: Josh Hayles: Westbourne Primary:7:03(M10)
* 3rd: Tom Hoskinson: Victory AC:7.11(M10)

Aged 8-10 Female
* 1st: Gabriella Mulla: Westbourne Primary:7:52(F10)
* 2nd: Cody Wickham: Mayville High:8:07(F10)
* 3rd: Alysia Gibson: Mayville High:8.10(F10)

School Teams
M10: 1st: Westbourne Primary
F10: 1st: Westbourne Primary
              2nd: Mill Rythe Junior School

2 Miles: Age 11-14 years Run Results
(15th June 2011)

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Age: 13-14 Male
* 1st: Matt Smith:City of Portsmouth:11.20(M14)
* 2nd: Jake Pillans: Chichester Westgate Tri Club:12.26(M14)
* 3rd: Oli May: Warblington:13.45(M14)

Age: 13-14 Female
* 1st: Charlotte Reading: Chichester:13.36(F14)
* 2nd: Holly Beaton: Chichester:13.54(F14)
* 3rd: Nicola Mead: Chichester:13.59(F14)

Age: 11-12 Male
* 1st: Harry Lyne: Chichester:12:22(M12)
* 2nd: Tim Russell: Unattached:12.53(M12)
* 3rd: Dougal Russell: Unattached:14.42(M12)

Age: 11-12 Female
1st: Rose Ellis: Chichester:13:07(F12)
2nd: Kathryn Simpson: Victory AC:14.08(F12)
3rd: Sharna Capel: Havant AC:14.59(F12)

Schools Team
* M12: None
* F12: 1st: Westbourne Primary

* M14: None
* F14: 1st: Chichester

Congratulations to eveyone who took part, on what was otherwise a miserable wet mid June evening!

There was a very exciting finish between 1st and 2nd placed Jo and Dan, with just 2 secs between them as they came over the line.

A couple of special mentions: for runners at both ends of the running spectrum.

The Victory AC Billy 5 'set up' team were overwhelmed when Ron Bailey turned up at about 5.15pm to register for the race and hand over a £150 cheque for this year's Billy 5 charity, the Rowans Hospice, explaining that he has been encouraging friends and work colleagues to sponsor him and predict his finish time. He completed the five mile out and back course in: 66mins 25secs. Well done Ron - and fantastic work on the sponsorship.

Second place runner Dan Bailey is one of this country's up and coming triathletes. Having already won medals for Great Britain in International events - just 19, he is a dedicated young man, who like so many sportsmen and women having to fund themselves, and fits his training in between working his day job and sports coaching work.

The 14th Hayling Billy 5 Race and Kids Fun Runs - 15th June 2011 Report by John Gallagher
The Victory AC organisers John Gallagher and Peter Harding arrived to prepare the course for the 14th running of Hayling Billy 5 mile charity race, the weather was overcast with the forecast of showers. We once again thank The Countryside Ranger Peter Potts and his men for their help during a busy day clearing away the brambles and over hanging branches, the warm and wet weather over the spring period, had made the growth this year exceptional.

The proceeds of this year’s race go to 'The Rowans Hospice' based in Waterlooville and our thanks go to Lesley Woodcock the fund raiser from The Rowans who came along and presented the prizes to the winners.
What a night for young runners as 62 young boys and girls competed in the fun runs, prior to the main race.

The evening started at 6 o‘clock with the 8 to 10 year olds, mile run, half a mile up and half a mile return, on the Hayling Billy trail.
The winner of the boy’s run was Jack McCluskey in 6 minutes 30 seconds with Josh Hayles second in 7m 3s, both from Westbourne Primary School with third was Tom Hoskinson in 7m 11s of Solent Junior School.
With the school prize going to Westbourne school runners Jack McCluskey, Josh Hayles and Drew Griffin Fourth in 7m 14s.
The girls winner was Gabriella Mula Westbourne in 7m 52s, with Cody Wickham from Mayville High second in 8m 07s and Alysia Gibson also Mayville, third in 8m 10s. With the school prize going to Westbourne runners Gabriella, Mia Dannatt 8m 23s fifth and Tilley Gates 8m 23s sixth. With the local Hayling school, Mill Rythe, second with runners Anna Eglin, Lucy Eglin and Poppy Bailey.
The second fun run of the evening at 6.20 was the 11-12yrs and 13-14yrs running together in a 2 mile run.
The boys 11-12yrs winners were Harry Lyne in 12m 22s, second Tim Russell in 12m 53s and third Dougal Russell in 14m 42s.
The boys 13-14yrs winners were Matt Smith (City of Portsmouth) bettering his last years record time of 11m 27s with 11m 20s, Jake Pillans (Chichester Tri) second in 12m 26s and Oli May (Unattached) third in 13m 45s.
The girls 11-12yrs winner was Rose Ellis (Chichester), in 13m 07s, second Kathryn Simpson (Victory AC), in 14m 08s with third, Sharna Capel (Havant AC) in 14m 59s. School team winners being Westbourne with Imogen Deacon 16m 55s, Gemma Walker 17m 13s and Lily Usher 18m 30s.
The girls 13 - 14yr Winner was Charlotte Reading (Chichester), in a time of 13m 36s with Holly Beaton (Chichester) second in 13m 54s and Nicola Mead (Chichester) third in 13m 59s.
Chichester High took the school prize with Charlotte, Nicola and Lucy Ellis finishing in 14m 05s.

All of the runners received a special Hayling Billy medal with the winners in category taking a Gold/Silver/Bronze winners medal and a trophy for the winning teams.
After a full day preparing the course, the weather was wet after heavy rain, but in ideal running conditions, the runners set off up the trail at 7.30pm. A total entry of 220 produced 207 finishers on the day in the main race (86 runners entered on the day).

First home in the main race was Jo Corbett (Newham & Essex Beagles) 26m 45s, just in front of Dan Bailey (Victory AC) 26m 47s with Dave Woods (Denmead Striders) a distance behind in 28m 07s.
The O/40 men’s prize was won by Chris Jack (Chichester) in 28m 59s with Eric Parker (Portsmouth Joggers) second in 30m 58s.
The O/50 was taken for the fourth year by, Phil Guest (Portsmouth Joggers) in 30m 30s, second, just behind in 30m 37s, was Mark Hargreaves (Unattached).
The O/60 men’s was won by Terry Avey (Phoenix AC) in a new record time of 32m 12s with Jim Clow (Victory AC) not far behind in second place in 32m 30s.
The O/70 men’s race was won by Tony Crowther (Unattached) in 41m 30s.
The winning senior lady was Alison Shaw (Unattached) in 30m 18s in front of second place Fay Cripps (Chichester) in 32m 31s and Emma Jolley (Unattached) just behind third in 32m 42s.
Sandra Russell (Unattached) took the ladies (Over/40) in 35m 43, with Anita Crawley (Denmead Striders) 36m 18s second.
Amanda Godfrey (Victory AC) was the winning lady (Over/50) in 38m 14s with Virginia Collins (Totton Running Club) second in 38.26.
The O/60 prize was won by Claire Hall (Portsmouth Joggers) in a new record time of 37m 01s with Jackie Yarnold (Victory AC) in 44m 52s second.
This year there were no O/70 ladies running.

Within the main race the 16-17yrs boys race was won by Justin Nevitt (Portsmouth Joggers) in new record time of 29.52s, second Ed Porter (Chichester) in 31m 52s with Jamie Retter (Unattached) third in 33m 47s.

The girls 16-17yrs run was won in a new record time of 35m 35s by Charlie Carter (City of Portsmouth) with Katie Ward (Unattached) second in 48m 57s.

All of the runners received a Hayling Billy Medal for running and completing the run.
Firstly a big thank you to all of the Victory members and partners who gave up their time on Wednesday as well as the committee (Pete Harding & Kevin McTaggart) who worked tirelessly prior to the race/runs to ensure it went on OK on the night.

We had a few hitches, lost people, rain when preparing the course/tents in the afternoon and a bomb scare at the top of the course towards the end!
However from Suzy and I, thanks to all of you and hopefully Victory AC will be able to give a large cheque to the Rowans Hospice at the end.

Junior runs
We have received the following email from Westbourne Primary School teacher, Mrs Butt:
"Just to say a big thank you for all the effort and organisation to enable the children's runs to take place. Westbourne primary school had a truly memorable evening and followed this up with a wonderful assembly on Friday to which many proud parents were invited. Thanks also to Nick Bailey (VAC member and our caretaker!) whose wonderful slide show was duly celebrated at the whole school assembly!
Our enthusiasm knows no bounds now!
Look out for the Westbourne Whippets again next year!
Jackie Butt